Driven by passion,
Inspired by perfection...


I have been a photographer for as long as I can remember. My journey started back in the days of working for a newspaper within Tamworth and Burton Upon Trent. Doing the jobs none of the other reporters or photographers wanted. Normally late nights and early mornings, covering clubs and pubs, interviewing "B" list celebs, etc. This contributed to an amazing social life with so many great times going down in colour and black and white.


Based in Derbyshire, East Midlands and covering the whole of the UK and overseas, shooting ceremonies from Swadlincote to Stuttgart in Germany. I would like to think at my age my photography is a little more sedate, but my passion for wildlife to weddings, landscape, and portrait photography takes me all over the UK and abroad. It can be non-stop and pretty hectic. If truth be told, I wouldn't have it any other way. 


Photography for me, it's a way of life, one that takes me out of the rat race and the hustle and bustle of daily routine. It has never been about money, always art comes first. But with so many out there, where their price does not reflect their experience, or delusions of being a photographer since being equipped with a new camera for Christmas, and feel it is their right to advertise for work. It's a minefield of delusional and unethical. Finding the right photographer relies on instinct and homework. You will hear many advertise "natural and unposed" and to be honest we all shoot natural, uncle Bob will do natural with his iPhone. Why would anyone part with over £1000 for a "photographer" to just take pictures with no interaction, just to snap away behind the scenes? It's overemphasised by those less experienced because many cant pose couples and have fun doing it. Doing it right takes a connection and creativity, thinking on your feet. The posed shots are always the one's mum and dad have on their fireplace, and gran proudly shows off to visitors. But if the posed shots aren't your thing, it's no problem, we don't do them, natural it is.


I must confess, I have an addiction to very expensive toys. Photography is not a cheap profession I can tell you that. That is unless my wife is reading this! Let no one say to you that gear does not matter. Believe me, it does. Yes having the photography skills to pull off great shots consistently goes a long way. I'd like to think that is what separates me from the local natives. I shoot with two bodies, Sony full-frame cameras, the A7riii. 42MP. I honestly think there is no better camera for wedding photography and portraiture. The detail and depth of the Sony's are pretty special, I have clients who say "it sees into their soul". All of my glass is either German Zeiss or G Master by Sony and the combination of German and Sony engineering with the technology of the Sony camera system... Well, seeing is believing.


I also have years of high-end editing and retouching experience with several professional photography software programs that add the finishing touches to your images. Many photographers tend to use presets, a simple press of the button and it's done. That's where the term "cookie-cutter photography" comes from and when you've seen one, you've seen them all. The same suppressed blacks, flat, dull, and lacking pop. Every image I select is edited individually. This is really where the photographer's eye for detail and balance comes into play. I can easily spend days locked away, totally absorbed in my editing, as I enjoy this side as much as photography itself.


If you want to know more and have an informal chat over a coffee? Feel free to get me through my contact section and I look forward to hearing about your plans.


Wayne Aspley